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Client List & Testimonials



Lead Slam works to form long-term collaborative partnerships with clients. Through our detailed onboarding process we are are able to create highly customized and mutually beneficial vendor/client engagements that deliver sales and scalability.  



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Client Testimonials



Antonio Villard

Tristan McMurphy | Chief Operations Officer



“Lead Slam opened up a whole new revenue stream for us. We weren’t sure how to go about reaching retail outlets and the Lead Slam team showed us that it could be done quickly and inexpensively through Outbound Sales. I was extremely pleased two months later when we exceeded quota. If you need to get your sales to the next level, call Lead Slam. It worked for us.”



Smart Action LLC

Peter Voss | Founder



“I wasn’t sure what to expect when we hired the Lead Slam team. I knew our sales process was technical and I was skeptical they could master our offering. Boy was I wrong! The Lead Slam agent was professional, polished, and a real pro. These aren’t call center types; they are senior-level business development people. They outperformed our in-house team. I would recommend Lead Slam to any B2B company without hesitation.”



Food & Beverage Magazine

Michael Politz | Publisher



“We hired Lead Slam to get new advertising clients and they are doing an amazing job for us. Our ad revenue is increasing every month. We have a great working relationship with the Lead Slam management team - they really proved they know how to grow our business.”